Our Mission:

B2D is subsidiary to DIAM Group, which is an international leader and brand partner all over the world.

They create, develop and install retail & merchandising solutions to enhance the consumer’s experience for point-of-sale interactions.

In addition to creating the perfect match between a brand and its consumers, we are also committed to quality and environmental responsibility, which brings us to B2D.

Our Vision:

At B2D, our vision is to revolutionize the recycling industry by transforming discarded materials into a vibrant, sustainable future. We are a turn-key recycling service, partnering with retailers and luxury brands to give seasonal displays a second life.

We breathe new life into display materials through our meticulous dismantling, sorting, and by grinding these materials. By reprocessing these materials, we create stunning new sheets of acrylic that will be used for the next season’s displays. This closed-loop process benefits our brand partners and saves recycled materials from ending up in landfills.

B2D is a turn-key recycling service. We partner with retailers and luxury brands to collect seasonal displays being discarded.

We recycled

897,000 LBS of store returns in 2023

378,000 LBS of plastics in 2023

We saved

730 tons of co2 in 2023

52M Gallons of h2o in 2023

Transforming the world of retail

We started with one goal, one mission, and one vision: to transform the luxury retail industry, one display at a time.

By recycling discarded point-of-sale displays from our luxury partners, we can reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle.

Our values




Environmental Responsibility

Minimize Waste, Maximize Impact

Our objective is clear: minimize waste, conserve resources, and provide environmental sustainability to the retail and luxury industries. Recycling isn’t an afterthought; it’s an integral part of the display process.

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