Closed loop process

Diverted from landfill

Reduce carbon footprint

Weight responsibly recycled

We love to clean, let us help.

For clients with excess inventory in their warehouse, whether it's new and unused, from small to high-volume campaign, we offer a streamlined solution. Clients can either arrange transportation to our Hauppauge facility or let us handle it. Upon receipt, we disassemble, sort, and recycle all recyclable materials or utilizing waste-to-energy/incineration for non-recyclables. A comprehensive report is provided at the end of the campaign, ensuring full transparency in the process, which includes thorough destruction of materials before waste-to-energy processing.

A to Z recycling offer

Local recycling

Weight waste to energy


Simple process for straightforward solutions

Our process is simple and to the point.



We receive your your project and begin capturing the project.



We disassemble the units to properly categorize the different materials.



We meticulously sort through materials such as plastics and acrylics.



We determine which materials can be recycled and ensure proper handling.



A final report with a breakdown of weights, materials sorted and recycled, and your contribution to the environment is finalized.

What our clients say...

Partnering with B2D has been a game-changer for our luxury brand. Their turn-key recycling service not only aligns seamlessly with our sustainability goals but has also significantly reduced our production costs. The Life Cycle Assessment reports provided by B2D offer a transparent and numeric breakdown of the positive environmental impact, giving us confidence in our commitment to a greener future. B2D is more than a recycling service; they are a valuable ally in our journey towards sustainability excellence.

Amanda Thompson

Sustainability Director, Luxe Couture

B2D has revolutionized the way we approach seasonal displays. Their closed-loop process not only ensures that our discarded materials find a second life but also contributes to substantial cost savings. The Life Cycle Assessment reports are a standout feature, providing clear, accurate metrics that demonstrate the real impact of our collaboration. B2D goes beyond recycling; they are strategic partners in our pursuit of both financial efficiency and environmental responsibility. Highly recommended for any luxury brand committed to a sustainable future.

David Reynolds

Operations Manager, Elite Emporium

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