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Macys and Bare Minerals


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Macy's, the globally renowned retailer, has exclusively partnered with B2D to spearhead end-of-life management for all brands featured in their trend beauty section. In a unique commitment, Macy's shoulders the entire responsibility for this initiative, with no cost incurred by the participating brands. This distinctive approach underscores Macy's position as the sole responsible retailer leading the way in sustainable practices within our network.


Responsibly disposing of End-of-Life point-of-sale display items in the cosmetics industry has been a reoccurring issue. Many of these displays end up in landfills and contribute to many sustainability issues worldwide. As a result, the endless cycle of waste continues…that is, until B2D came along.


B2D worked with both Macy's to devise a plan that worked for their exact recycling project and helped reach their corporate sustainability goals. The process first began with meticulous material recovery, as we received their submission through our carbon neutral carrier. Then, the team disassembled and sorted the received materials, separating acrylic, HIPS, cardboard, and paper components to ensure optimal recycling rates. Demonstrating our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, B2D proudly achieved a remarkable 99% rate of responsible recycling out of the 3,587 pounds of materials recovered. The remaining 25 pounds were transformed into waste-to-energy, diverting them from landfills and reducing their environmental footprint.

Beyond recycling, our efforts yielded significant environmental benefits, saving 4.78 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 11,851 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle, and conserving 255,256 gallons of water, making a substantial contribution to the planet's health.

The results

The collaboration between Macys, Bare Minerals, and B2D achieved impressive results:

  • Materials Recycled: 3,587 pounds
  • Responsible Recycling Rate: 99%
  • Waste-to-Energy: 25 pounds diverted
  • CO2 Emissions Saved: 4.78 tons
  • Water Conservation: 255,256 gallons

Precision in Action: Smooth Execution of Display Removal and Recycling

The partnership between our recycling company, Macy's, and Bare Minerals exemplifies the potential for collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable business practices. Through meticulous planning, customized solutions, and a shared commitment to environmental responsibility, we successfully executed a campaign return project that not only met logistical demands but also aligned with their individual sustainability goals.

Diverted from landfill

Materials are diverted from landfills and reduce the burden on landfill capacity, minimizing environmental harm.

Reduce carbon footprint

Submissions like this show how retail can still significantly impact the environment.

Partnership with retailers

B2D is proud to work with retailers worldwide in our efforts to make an environmental impact, one display at a time.

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