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Dior’s Eco-Friendly Return Campaign


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Dior, renowned in the beauty industry, stood out not only for their exceptional products but also for their shared commitment to a greener future. Rooted in a desire to align their operations with sustainable practices, Dior sought a partner capable of executing a campaign return project with a focus on responsible recycling.


Embarking on the task of overhauling retail displays on a national scale brought forth multifaceted challenges for Dior. Beyond the allure of beauty products lay the complex logistics of orchestrating a synchronized campaign return project across diverse locations. The scale of this undertaking demanded meticulous planning to ensure that the removal and recycling processes aligned seamlessly with the companies’ day-to-day operations. The challenge was not merely in replacing displays but in revolutionizing the process to the commitment of sustainability.


Dior, in collaboration with B2D, implemented strategic solutions that redefined the landscape of responsible retail practices. Precision became imperative as we aimed to address the requirements of Dior. This approach not only optimized the removal process but also ensured that the environmental impact was minimized through meticulous material reuse. Innovation during this project showcased that beauty and ecological responsibility can harmoniously coexist.

Beyond recycling, our efforts yielded significant environmental benefits, saving 30.98 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 76,873 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle, and conserving 1,495,485 gallons of water, making a substantial contribution to the planet's health.

The results

The collaboration between Dior and B2D achieved impressive results:

  • Materials Recycled: 31,643 pounds
  • Responsible Recycling Rate: 98%
  • Waste-to-Energy: 650 pounds diverted
  • CO2 Emissions Saved: 30.98 tons
  • Water Conservation: 1,495,485 gallons

Innovative Strategies: Revolutionizing Campaign Return Practices for Beauty Giants

In the intersection of beauty and environmental responsibility, Ulta Beauty and Dior have set a powerful example. This case study illuminates their journey, showcasing not just the removal and recycling of retail displays but a holistic commitment to sustainability. As Ulta and Dior continue to lead the way, their success story serves as inspiration for the beauty industry and beyond, demonstrating that responsible practices can seamlessly intertwine with glamour and style.

Diverted from landfill

Materials are diverted from landfills and reduce the burden on landfill capacity, minimizing environmental harm.

Reduce carbon footprint

Submissions like this show how retail can still significantly impact the environment.

Partnership with retailers

B2D is proud to work with retailers worldwide in our efforts to make an environmental impact, one display at a time.

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