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NARS Cosmetics at Sephora


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NARS Cosmetics and Sephora, recognized for setting beauty trends, sought to extend their influence beyond cosmetics to embrace sustainable practices. With a shared vision for responsible beauty, they partnered with our recycling company for a campaign return project that would not only revamp their retail displays but also contribute significantly to environmental conservation.


Undertaking a campaign return on a national scale brought forth complex challenges for NARS and Sephora. Balancing the allure of beauty with responsible recycling required meticulous planning for the removal and recycling processes across locations. The challenge lay not just in the afterlife of these displays, but in transforming the process to embody a commitment to sustainability.


In response to the multifaceted challenges posed by the nationwide campaign return, NARS and Sephora, in collaboration with our recycling company, implemented strategic solutions that reshaped the paradigm of responsible retail practices. These recycling methods marked a departure from conventional practices, streamlining the campaign return process while setting new benchmarks for sustainable retail.

Beyond recycling, our efforts yielded significant environmental benefits, saving 7.56 tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to 18,757 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle, and conserving 379,726 gallons of water, making a substantial contribution to the planet's health.

The results

This collaboration achieved impressive results:

  • Materials Recycled: 5,970 pounds
  • Responsible Recycling Rate: 96%
  • Waste-to-Energy: 228 pounds diverted
  • CO2 Emissions Saved: 7.56 tons
  • Water Conservation: 379,726 gallons

Weight in Beauty, Weight in Responsibility: Sephora and NARS' Significant Recycling Impact

Executing the campaign return project unfolded seamlessly as NARS and Sephora collaborated closely with our teams. The removal and recycling processes were executed with precision, adhering to all sustainability protocols. The project exemplified a commitment to responsible practices and showcased the feasibility of integrating sustainability into large-scale beauty operations.

Diverted from landfill

Materials are diverted from landfills and reduce the burden on landfill capacity, minimizing environmental harm.

Reduce carbon footprint

Submissions like this show how retail can still significantly impact the environment.

Partnership with retailers

B2D is proud to work with retailers worldwide in our efforts to make an environmental impact, one display at a time.

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